Andrew Togobo, a.k.a Tuggs.t.a.r, has his roots in the arts, and uses poetry as a method to reach, teach and inspire people through his awesome ability to communicate. Along with poetry, he uses journalism, short stories, plays and scripts to touch people's hearts and open their minds from possibility to probability.

For four years, he was the first national spoken word columnist. His efforts have earned him international media attention. He has been featured in the BBC 4’s Bespoken Word, Time Out magazine, interviewed on Radio One, Choice FM, as well as GTV in Ghana and numerous other community and internet radio stations.

For over ten years, Tuggs.t.a.r has had tremendous success working with young people. He is a lead facilitator for the award winning Origin Rites of Passage program, Pathways 2 Progress, as well as a Coach for London Poetry Slam. He has consulted with numerous schools to devise programe's to engage students that are dis-engaging from education.

Tuggs.t.a.r is a quaified Life Coach under Bob Proctor's Lifesuccess consultancy which has lead to him conducting workshops, seminars, lectures and coaching for individuals and companies.


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